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Company Profile

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Jiangsu Cosine Electric Co, Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, production, sales and service of transformer and sensor. The yield and sales quantities of medium voltage transformer of the company rank in top 3 ofChina And"COSNE brand is identified as"CHINA FAMOUS BRAND Meanwhile Cosine is a member unit of national transformer standard commitee, and major rafer of curent national standardsg208402-2013 Current Transformer and GB/T208403-2013 Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer.
Cosine, which has passed through on-the-spot audits of State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Company Limited for years in a row, has familiarized and grasped special technological requirements of the two power grid companies, power companies of cities and provinces, and several major foreign- invested companies and has become the major
supplier of several major foreign- invested companies, leading companies in power transmission and distribution industry, and bid winner companies of State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Company Limited and other provincial power grids.
Cosine, with the principle of excellent performance system and goal of lean production, has developed its unique intellectual manufacturing system- CPS, got through ERP-MESPDMSRMCRM and other information isolated islands, and established big database for itself-all sub-systems can interact data from big database. The company has connected material, finished production and production test equipment through RFID technology so as to monitor the whole process of product design, production, test and delivery in real time.
The self- developed U-shape distribution intellectual manufacturing workshop is the first in transformer industry and is appraised by Jiangsu Province as" demonstration intellectual workshop. The workshop has the biggest static mixed material vacuum pouring flow line of China, while the coil production, finished product assembly, automatic test flow line, molding, tunnel kiln specifically for postcure, AGV robot and other equipment are the first in the industry Cosine possesses advanced material lab, which has test methods toward key parameters of major materials and the completed supply chain management of the company can ensure all purchased raw and auxiliary materials having controllable quality. The company is appraised as excellent supply chain demonstration company of Jiangsu Province.
Cosine is technological small- and-medium-size company of Jiangsu Province, management innovation demonstration compan of Jiangsu Province, and high- growth- type small-and-medium- Size company of Jiangsu Province, and it possesses multiple innovative projects which have been approved as major innovative projects of Jiangsu Province. The ERP upgrading project and the first operated MES system of the company in the industry have been appraised as informatization financing system of Jiangsu Province. Cosine has been appraised as 5a-level digital enterprise of Jiangsu Province, and innovative demonstration company of industrialization and informatization of Jiangsu Province. Cosine has established companies technological center of Jiangsu Provinceengineering technological center of Jiangsu Province, and graduate students workstation of Jiangsu Province,.
Create happiness enterprises, service the electrical industry, Become Excellent Power Sensor Service Provider, and Lead Intellectual Manufacturing Cosine will continually carry out excelent performance management, and promote product research and development and technology innovation so as to provide customers with superior products and high-effective services, and to make greater contributions to global power grid.

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